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No advanced diploma for me next year, they rang me to say not enough people applied so they aren't running the course. The lady was like 'but you can reapply in 2010!!' and I just thought to myself 'fuck it, I may as well just work..'

I am seriously hoping I passed all my subjects so that I will at least have the diploma now, otherwise I will be pissed off. It's kind of a relief in a way because I didn't really want to continue studying what with being three years out of school already; there is only so much studying you can do. But I could always use the extra skills. Oh well. At least I have this job to fall back on, at least for the moment, until I start getting around to working for free for potentially numerous companies until one of them decides to keep me.

I went to my friend Rosabel's place for dinner with my other friends Cecile and Lin tonight, so I am full of azn food, champagne and chocolate ice cream, and feel like a massive cow. Her son seems to have taken a real shine to me for some reason, and wouldn't leave me alone. It was cute, albeit kinda scary. I played trains with him. Later on when she was putting him to bed she said that he told her he likes me and wants me to come over more often, and that I can sleep in his bed. Lmao.... Kids usually don't like me so this is a first. I think because I tend to treat them the same as other people and don't baby them because they're young, which most kids would be used to. I would just feel like a retard with all the babytalk-mollycoddling shebang, even with really small children and babies. If I had a baby I don't imagine I would talk to it any different than an adult, which might sound really weird to some people, but if they don't understand what the fuck you're saying anyway, then there's no need to talk like a douche.

Speaking of babies, Lin's going back to China to have babies with her husband, I'm so sad! Although she says when she does end up having kids and they get older, she might come back here, since she's a citizen anyway I think. Maybe I should go to China and visit her sometime in the future, when I have money. If I have money >___>
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