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My face is my fortune

And that's why I'm broke

Sir Cumcision
16 March 1988
Hi there! This is my journal. Posts are mostly fashion-related. Feel free to have a look; all entries are public.

Here is some random information about me. It is so long, I doubt it would fit in the interests section.

Interests and likes:

• Magazines
• Fashion
• Roald Dahl
• Short Stories
• Moobies – specifically Amelie, Juno, Sweeney Todd, POTC, George of the Jungle, Encino Man, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, The Little Rascals, About a Boy, Gladiator, Joe's Apartment, The Sound of Music, Billy Elliot, The Life Aquatic, Hot Fuzz, Keeping Mum, The Royal Tenenbaums, My Own Private Idaho, Darjeeling Limited, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Stand by Me, Princess Mononoke, Only Yesterday, Whisper of the Heart, any Studio Ghibli film

TV and series: Family Guy, American Dad, ANTM, The Simpsons, Fawlty Towers, Elfen Lied, IT Crowd, The Armstrong and Miller Show, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Little Miss Jocelyn, Catherine Tate, GNW, School Days, Ouran High School Host Club, Bokura ga ita, Peach Girl, Clannad, Nana, Chobits, Strawberry Panic... anything that is lovey-dovey, funny and/or stupid. With perhaps a little more emphasis on the stupid.
• Music: Abba, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Australian Crawl, B-52s, Bon Jovi, Buzzcocks, Cheap Trick, Chisel, Crowded House, David Bowie, Exploding Hearts, Extreme, Frank Sinatra, Franz Ferdinand, George Michael, Guns n' Roses, HIM, Hoodoo Gurus, INXS, Jamiroquai, Jeff Buckley, Le Tigre, Little Birdy, Live, Meat Loaf, Midnight Oil, Motley Crue, N.E.R.D, Presidents of the U.S.A, Poison, Powderfinger, Queen, Regurgitator, REM, Rose Tattoo, Savage Garden, Silverchair, Skyhooks, Split Enz, Stiff Little Fingers, Talking Heads, Tears for Fears, The Angels, The Beatles, The Clash, The Living End, The Police, The Rolling Stones, The Saints, The Who, Ultravox, Van Halen... among millions of others. I love music of almost every kind. Except I find a lot of r&b nowadays to be boring..
• Pirate garb
• My clothes
• Other people’s clothes
• Clothes in general
• Musicals
• Minesweeper
• Card games on my phone
• Being cryptic
• British Comedy
• Stand-up comedy, especially Ross Noble, Carl Barron, Danny Bhoy and the Umbilical Brothers.
• Innuendo
• Gay bars with cabaret performances
• Karaoke
• Eating
• Sushi
• Tea in all forms
• Squeezing things from tubes
• Making a big mess and neglecting to clean it up afterwards
• Languages
• Obscure languages
• Really obscure languages
• Really obscure languages with a maximum of 10 speakers worldwide
• Trivia
• Roy Lichtenstein
• Accessories
• Scarves
• Costume Jewellery
• Boots
• Lace
• Jumping
• Arm-flailing
• Ice cream
• Coffee
• Sugar
• Junk food
• Vintage
• Recycled fashion
• Tartan
• Guinea Pigs
• Cats
• Strawberries
• Stupid jokes
• Tastefully dirty jokes
• Tasteless dirty jokes
• Polite people
• Europe
• Winter and Autumn
• Sewing
• Bumming (not the kind you think)
• Customisation
• Random generators
• Mikey
• Smiley faces
• Pearls
• Ancient and Medieval history
• Effeminate, but not necessarily gay, long-haired men
• Friendly people
• Fake hair
• Hair dye
• Fake nails
• Make-up
• Perfume
• Dirty limericks
• Really deep voices
• Creepy garden gnomes
• Saying words backwards
• Listening to other people bitch about people I know, and giggling at them
• Gratuitous bursts of laughter
• Laughing at weird things people say in their sleep
• Talking on the phone at 3am
• Looking up stuff in foreign dictionaries, laughing at it and showing it to people
• Culture
• Open-mindedness
• God
• Religion
• Chocolate
• Clutter
• Small spaces
• Cyanide and happiness
• Salad Fingers
• Teen Girl Squad
• Kitsch
• Listening to classical music and the news in bed
• Studding things
• Making things
• Bed
• Sleep
• Witty people
• Pronouncing words phonetically on purpose
• Laughing at things that are very obviously phallic
• Comics
• Plucking my eyebrows
• Rhyming slang
• Stacking things in orderly little piles, knocking them over and stacking them again.

Things that grind my gears:

Things that smell bad; tripping over things I have left lying around and having no one to blame but myself; onion; celery; zits; the sound of my own voice; dust bunnies; ice cream trucks that play ‘Greensleeves’; vomit; poo, even the cartoon kind with smiley faces. How can poo be cute, IT’S POO; spam; overly spicy food; that time of the month; planes; mean people; rude people; bitches; drunks; drug abuse; tear-jerkers; boredom; anxiety; dark alleyways; fluff; finding hair in my mouth; finding hair from the plughole attaching itself to my toe; scary teachers; headaches; nausea; headaches accompanied by nausea; talking on the phone to people I don’t like; feeling like a tool; painful hair removal procedures; phlegm; words with silent letters (again, ‘phlegm’); being inarticulate; randoms at the bus stop who look like they want to shoot you in the face; awkward situations; dead things; unexpected rain; humidity; obnoxious children; godtower.com; biting my tongue; procrastinating; clubs; ugh boots; bananas; books that are so thick, they are worthy of murder-weapon status; petty bickering; bad manners in situations where good manners are appropriate; good manners in situations where bad manners are appropriate; people who are in-your-face; lack of privacy; being under-dressed; compulsive shopping resulting in temporary poverty; confrontation; public speaking; wanting other people’s clothes; stacking it.